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Our strength lies in how different we are: we can share our experience and competences. We see it as a way to do more and create more value to our clients.

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The network of Prevence partners consists of top-level professionals, whose aim is to provide exclusive attention to our business clients and exceed their expectations. The provision of services is based on the mentality of the board member, taking responsibility for the decisions made and applying a proactive approach in the legal service practice.

Our approach is to react to any question right here and now. A phone call taken by a lawyer, a message replied to immediately and maximum adaptability to the workplace of the client are our distinguishing traits.

Each relationship is based on the respect to people. The members of our team have placed their crowns, scientific degrees and awards aside and in terms of communication, they do not seek to demonstrate their superiority. We implement the goals of our clients and ourselves by building the bridges of humane communication rather than destroying them.

Our aim is for our clients to form their impressions on our efficient performance model rather than luxury built on the costs of the clients themselves. We renounce attributes that do not generate direct added value to our clients.

We pay a lot of attention to the comfortable work of our team. Our aim is that each member of the team feels appreciated, secure about his or her future and subjected to well-balanced work conditions to provide the services to our clients.

Why clients choose PREVENCE?

The birth of Prevence organisation was natural and organic, a conclusion I have come to after many years in the sector of traditional legal service which has developed throughout the first decades of independent Lithuania. Historically, egos and awards of lawyers would be at the forefront and the superficial display of wealth would be used to impress and indicate how successful a specific lawyer is.

Because of these established traditional attributes of a legal company, we think that the market of legal services has matured for essential changes. We must change the image of global B2B legal service provision. The new legal service provision model by Prevence seeks to reveal the true essence of the legal profession, where the attributes of luxury do not contribute to the quality intellect-based service provision philosophy and the added value of services.

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